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icon, blogcrew, & meme community.

Enix Studios
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meet the staff.
Chey. Also known as stardustxdream. I'm mostly interested in Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts so you can expect me to post a lot from that genre.

In this community, I specialize in icon-making along with my partners, Rhia and Jhem. Side projects like blogcrews will be worked on alongside Dani.

We look forward to bringing some entertainment to our awesome members & watchers. :)
Rhia. AKA variantvi I'm into Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, and Assassin's Creed. I'm also into a lot of television shows, and movies. Hopefully what I post will be of a wide variety.

As Chey stated, I post icons, but I also have a passion for making fanmixes.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what we do here. :]
Dani. I'm also known as Nissho and many other names * (Lj found at: tengokukey ). My fandoms include Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Tales of series and the list could go on forth.

Although, i CANNOT make icons, I will post blogcrews, memes, fanmixes, and much more.

& We hope you enjoy your stay, at enixstudios! ;D
Gem. @ sakuraxxdrops. I'm into a variety of video games, animes, mangas, Kpop & Jpop. Don't get me started on listing each of them down. But just to name a few, my major fandoms are: DoA, Ninja Gaiden, MGS, Final Fantasy, H.O.T.D., SNSD & many, many more. From cutesy, fantasy, romance to action, shooters & gore, basically.
Most of my icons/graphics will be based on pretty much anything. I'm willing to take requests from anyone whether it be icons, banners or animated .gifs since I'm a bit of an addict at making them. Please don't hesitate to ask~!
Overall, I hope that we can be of assistance for your icon/graphic needs. Feel free to take whatever you like, but please be sure to credit. ♥!